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Teak Cleaner

Teak Cleaner
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NameTeak Cleaner
Item # OA-105
Regular price: $46.00
Sale price: $36.00


A teak cleaner & brightener in one! Our water-based formula is not only a high concentration cleaner, but it also contains brightener-ingredients, which bring back the original color of new teak/hardwood. most competitive brands require a 2-step-process: a separate cleaner and brightener. this implicates 2 times hard work for the consumer. an extra advantage: unlike most other teak cleaners, ours is classified as non-hazardous.

Cleans Teakwood to its NEW color.

Restores weathered, gray teak and other hardwoods to their original new color. Teak Cleaner can be used before Teak Protector but is not necessary. Once cleaned, the Protector can be used right away.

* High performance cleaning agent * Cleaning and brightening in 1 step! * Contains special brightener to restore the original color * Penetrates deeply into wood for a long-lasting cleaning * Water based, environmentally friendly * Cleaner is shipped with an Applicator * Non Toxic


Teak Cleaner (1 Liter)=(33.814oz)

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